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About Us
We're located in rural New Hampshire, a beautiful area that offers a wide variety of woods with which to work. We've been in business on a part-time basis for several years, but we've now gone full-time, finally able to leave corporate America behind. (Yay!)

We maintain a small operation, so that we can better concentrate on meeting the needs and desires of individual customers. We can't possibly compete with offshore-based mega-giant wood factory conglomerates churning out particle board furniture, so we've chosen to focus on individually customized pieces. Most of the items you'll see in our catalog were built to order, and some of them have proven popular enough for us to keep as stock items.

Many of our wood products tend to the "art" rather than the "craft" - thus our slogan:

"Functional Artistry in Wood".

At Pieces of Wood, we consider ourselves "generalists" rather than "specialists". We offer a wide range of products and services, from turning small items such as pens and pencils to full remodeling projects. We've done full custom-cabinet kitchens and bathrooms, and built a fair number of decks and porches.

Our years of woodworking experience have taught us that everyone has good ideas. We've found that listening to those ideas and working to fulfill them, rather than offering "cookie-cutter" solutions, generally provides a more satisfying experience to craftsman and client alike.

Feel free to or call us directly at 603-659-2096.

J. Carr

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