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At Pieces of Wood, we are dedicated to fine craftsmanship in wood.

All of our pieces are individualy handcrafted by a single artisan - me. While we do have many items that are similar, we are not a production woodworking company. We generally produce one or two of each piece, unless we receive a special order for multiple copies of an item.

We welcome custom orders, whether it be a piece of fine furniture, a bowl turned from exotic wood, a custom jewelry box for your best girl, or a funky cutting board. Our design staff (that's also me) can work with you to develop a piece from your conceptual design, or we can work from your plans or sketches.

 All orders for in-stock items
will ship the next business day via Priority Mail 
J. Carr

WE DO NOT SELL WOOD. We sell products made from wood.
Photos of wood samples are only to show what individual species may look like.
WE DO NOT SELL CORIAN. We sell products made from Corian.


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